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Kenneth Price Nigeria



Combining art design and advanced technology, we aim to provide the clients with high quality digital marketing service at a reasonable cost. Kenneth Price Nigeria integrates the advantages of both new media (websites, interactive multimedia, etc) and traditional media (graphics and radio and TV), to provide clients one–stop marketing, consultation, design and production, promotion and supervision, so as to help the clients establish their brand name.
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Our Services

Marketing & Advertising

Web promotion; Online Banners; Email Marketing; shopping cart; Billboard Design and Production; Vehicle Branding.

Multimedia Design & Production

Video Shooting/Editing; Audio Production; Still Photography; PowerPoint Development; Flash Development; DVD Authoring; Digital catalog; Online Presentations..

Company Branding & Website Design

Company logos; Company Letterheads; Complimentary cards; Web site design; Animations & Banners; Web Hosting & Domain registration.

Radio & TV Concept and Production

Effective Radio/TV Copyrighting; Voice Overs; Radio/TV Commercial Production; DVD Production/printing/duplication; Corporate Videos

Mobile Marketing & Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Bluetooth Marketing.

Multimedia Based Security Solutions

Closed Circuit Television Systems; Security Camera Systems; Remote Webcams and Access Control Systems.

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Our mission at Kenneth Price Nigeria is to successfully attract quality customers to your business.

We use tools such as Web Design, Web Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Social Networking to communicate your message to customers. Our goal is to help our partners to grow into top competitors. At Kenneth Price Nigeria, we strive to work with you in growing your business and strive to create business partnerships that could last a lifetime. Kenneth Price Nigeria provides professional new media marketing services to small and medium sized businesses specializing in Web Development and Online Marketing. We work in the changing realm of online media and social networking and make it out mission to keep our clients one step ahead of the competition. Not only are we building web sites and interacting with social networks, we’re creating visual interactive experiences for the future of the consumer marketing realm. Kenneth Price Nigeria will help you to explore other options that beat traditional marketing anyday. Kenneth Price Nigeria takes pride in our team’s expertise with today's ever-evolving landscape of Internet and social media marketing tools and strategies. Our Team is made up of young professionals with innovative ideas and the energy to make things happen! Each member of our Team brings special skills to the table. Whether a project requires skills in programming, graphics design, web design, marketing, or customer service, the Kenneth Price Nigeria Team is prepared to tackle the project and come up with creative solutions.

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